In January 2021, The United Kingdom enforced UK REACH as part of its chemicals regulatory regime, maintaining the aims and principles of EU REACH. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) took on the role of the responsible regulatory authority.

Since 2021, all chemical substances and their mixtures entering the UK market (England, Scotland and Wales) in quantities above 1,000 kg per year need to be registered. Northern Ireland (NI) enjoys a special status for the duration of the Northern Ireland Protocol, where EU REACH remains applicable to any substance placed on the NI-market.

A company exporting its chemicals to the UK,  can register its substances under UK REACH through a legal entity in the UK, via its UK importer or an UK-based OR.

Our Regulatory Support in the UK

For the UK chemicals market, our regulatory services include:

  • Only Representative services through our local legal entity in the UK
  • Registration support, including Article 26 inquiry
  • Legal services related to EU REACH Letter of Access (LoA) issues by  SCC Legal logo
  • Developing a regulatory strategy, including a testing strategy for UK registrations
  • Taking care of your communication with potential registrants of substance groups

Learn more about how we can help you with your UK REACH obligations and visit our SCC headquarters website or contact us directly.

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