European Union

EU REACH Compliance

In June 2007, the European REACH (EC) 1907 /2006 regulation entered into force introducing requirements for registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals. EU REACH aims to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is responsible for the implementation of the chemicals legislation. The individual member states of the EU are responsible for the enforcement of REACH.

Companies selling or importing their goods to the European Union or supplying chemical substances to their customers operating in the EU, must guarantee compliance with EU REACH.

Under EU REACH, companies carry the burden of proof by identifying and managing risks from chemicals they manufacture and market in the EU. They need to meet all requirements and communicate risk management measures to ECHA and the end users. For this purpose, they should have a clear understanding of their supply chains, have detailed composition data on all REACH-regulated substances used in their products and complete the necessary documentation.

Our EU REACH Services

SCC has a significant hands-on experience with regulatory services for chemicals in the EU and has provided support for more than 700 lead registration dossiers. Our experts support and guide our customers through the entire evaluation processes handled by ECHA and the Member States, including CoRAP, SVHC and CLH dossiers.

SCC is a member of ORO Logo – the Only Represenative Organisation (ORO) – representing the majority of Only Representative service providers in Europe. In line with the ORO statutes, we are specialised in taking over the OR role and providing complex supply-chain and OR support to non-EU chemical companies. With our headquarters  physically established in the EEA, we are fully skilled in the practical handling of subsctances under REACH and related information.

Our Services at a Glance

    • Lead and member dossier preparations for new substance registration
    • Dossier updates for tonnage-band increases
    • Submission defence
    • Communication with ECHA
    • Monitoring and defending your substances under CoRAP and SVHC
    • Support in RAC issues (including preparation of CLH dossiers)
    • Planning, contracting and monitoring of studies
    • REACH and CLP compliance audits
    • Only Representative services
    • Handling complex legal topics related to EU REACH, e.g. Letter of Access, through SCC Legal


For more detailed information on our EU REACH services, please visit SCC headquarters website or contact us directly.